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All i got is faith in these light skins

Get lyrics of All i got is faith in these light skins song you love.

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Install the app. Rapper Fabolous says all he's got is "faith in these light skins". You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. ed May 19, Messages 10, Reactions69, 1, Alleybux 27, Click to expand ed Oct 5, Messages 14, Reactions2, 5, Alleybux Lol nobody cares.

Fabolous - faith in me lyrics

Full stop, end of story. Nobody cares what he likes or has faith in. Did this keep you up at night or something? I dont get how people are expected be upset about song lyrics, from an unknown rapper We gotta protest this too?!!? ed May 22, Messages 11, Reactions 27, Alleybux 61, He hasn't been dragged for this yet???

And Wale, boy Ashley Del Rey. ed Apr 12, Messages 39, Reactions6, Alleybux 2, BubbleGum Bitsh. ed Nov 5, Messages 3, Reactions 30, Alleybux 49, Fabulous still making music? ed Mar 3, Messages 16, Reactions 66, 2, Alleybux 94, He needs to have faith in a good dentist. ed Jul 27, Messages 68, Reactions23, 6, Alleybux 38, I only use him when Summer Jam comes around I guess Foxy been had the codes on his ass though.

ed Feb 26, Messages 32, Reactions3, Alleybux 46, He's played out, is played out, he's so Ample Pink. ed Jan 25, Messages 5, Reactions 36, AlleybuxFabulous has been and up and coming rapper for like 15 years. He has to be one of the most unsuccessful, successful rappers out.

I'm really surprised he hasn't done reality tv yet. Fabulous been color struck. Have you seen his videos? It's always the ugly muthafuckas that say stupid shit like that. ed Oct 29, Messages 5, Reactions 16, Alleybux 90, Dancelover51 said:. A hot self hating mess!

ed Mar 27, Messages Reactions 1, 24 5 Alleybuxed Jan 2, Messages 1, Reactions Alleybux 26, He's making fun of lightskins in his song yet Straight up redheaded light skinned children. So really fab whatchu saying?

Rapper fabolous says all he's got is "faith in these light skins"

Lame song, and pretty insulting to your own children. Someone needs to get him together. He been a real mess lately.

Sallie Blair. ed Jun 16, Messages 37, Reactions5, 2, AlleybuxWhy is it that most of the rappers who idolize light skin and exxoticals never marry the ones they get involved with? ed Dec 25, Messages 5, Reactions 38, Alleybux 88, I'm not surprised. Fab is Dominican so the self-hate runs deep. Besides Jay-Z, is there any other rapper out there that is proudly married to a black woman? ed Aug 19, Messages 15, Reactions 41, 93 Alleybux 10, He needs start having faith in dental hygienists. ed Oct 19, Messages 2, Reactions 4, 16 Alleybux 96, Almost 40 and still talking like that.

Yeah you really did it this time John, you're such a lame-o. You obviously don't have enough faith cause you still haven't married Emily, dum dum. LovePeace said:. LocaPorTi said:. ed Feb 18, Messages 15, Reactions 23, Alleybux 28, I wonder how dumb I would sound going around talking about all I got faith in is these light skin menz.

ed Apr 23, Messages 2, Reactions 13 21 Alleybux 0. Two fabolous thre in one day?

ed Feb 23, Messages 4, Reactions 45, 2, 2, Alleybux 10, MasMouth said:. ed Oct 10, Messages 14, Reactions 83, 3, 2, Alleybux 65, Hmm I thought he was being sarcastic, anyone else? I would hope he's not caping for light skins when a dark woman helped his career a lot. ed Jul 14, Messages 24, Reactions4, 2, Alleybux 32, And yet, Ms Bustamente waits patiently for the day when she can finally take that magical subway ride down to City Hall to officially unite with this man in holy matrimony, like her abuelita always hoped she would do. I guess his faith in objectifying light skinned women doesn't extend to making an "honest woman" out of his long suffering concubine.

Sorry not all black women have to think and act the same. Where did I say 'overreacting'?

Waits for it I said: 1. OP asked why people weren't in uproar about it, and I think its because no-one cares and why should I? As a proud black womanI dont even bother with self hating black men and my life is better because of it. I couldn't give af. ed Sep 15, Messages Reactions 3 3 Alleybux 13, He needs to stop.

Oba said:.