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Bella swan hair colour

In need of a hair color makeover, but not willing to take the plunge into a fiery red hue? Follow in the footsteps of celebs like Katie Cassidy and Kirstie Alley, who recently made the switch to the dark side, and dye your hair a rich brunette. Need further convincing?

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Confession: I'm no Twihard. Even though I actually understand what that term means now, I've never read the books but I will, once I have the time and I haven't exactly picked a "side" but if I did it would be Team Jacob. I'm not admitting to anything! What I really love about Twilight is Bella Swan. I'm obsessed with her hair; and her choice of sexy-yet-earthy make-up colours are something I share.

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If you ever see vampires in broad daylight, you may or may not recognise them by their translucent white skin. Their true vampire nature clearly emerges only after night falls. Like actresses in this world, the twilight characters like to experiment with their hairstyles.

How to get bella swan hair styles

Kirsten Stewart and the female cast have no trouble changing from ordinary to the dark vampire ways. This of course includes their hairstyles.

While watching the movie version, we were intrigued by the beautiful hairstyles in this last part of the Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn 2. In his video, Schwarzkopf hair expert Armin Morbach shows how to style a twilight hairstyle in the rockabilly style. In our gallery, we show you photographs of some of Twilight Saga actresses.

See how they transformed e veryday hairstyles to pay homage to the night spirits. In the day time, Bella Swan prefers casual hairstyles like the character she plays in the Twilight Saga.

She often wears her hair in a braided sideways ponytail and takes it easy on the make-up. For the evening, the actress adds dark-brown mascara to her make-up and brushes the volume of her dark long hair over her left shoulder.

She accentuates the ends of her wavy hair. The actress loves wearing curls. She uses styling wax to pull her natural curls into the right shape. Ashley Greene plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight series. In the daytime she styles her wavy hair in a casual semi-updo.

Video: how to create a rockabilly hairstyle

By contrast, her sleek twilight hairdo for the evening with the straight side parting looks almost austere. The smokey eye make-up and the natural sandel-wood lipstick complement the strict hairstyle very well.

In the evening the actress may however show a different side complete with attire and wild undone hair fit for her character Esme Cullen in the Twilight Saga. The wild-mane requires volume and bounce.

The actress manages this by using volumising powder. However, in the evening the actress selects a style, which is reminiscent of her character Rosalie Hale in the Twilight Saga. While her sleek hair is gathered in an austere low chignon, her extravagant make-up belies the demure impression.

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