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Last trip to tulsa

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Bands Benefits Band Booker T. Harvesters, Lineup 1 The Intl. Year The Last Trip To Tulsa. Written by: Neil Young Lyrics Quotes.

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First recording:. Last recording:. Acoustic guitar:. Electric guitar:. I tried to tell a little bit of what happened to me in L. See, places like Tulsa I think of the South. I always think of the Deep South.

New York doesn't remind me so much of the And so, Tulsa really represents to me the United States - sort of - that feeling of being in the South. The song is sort of an adventure of me down there. The more you listen to it, depending on how much you've been through or what your experiences have been, you can take the verses But the thing is, when I wrote them, they all had a continuity to the way I thought.

So I believe that if they had a continuity the way I put them together that they'll fit with any set of images and work all the way through - they have to. If they work one way, they can't possibly Last trip to tulsa another way. It's the law, you know After the album came out that's the one I really didn't like, you know, and I still don't, but a lot of people really dug that better than anything else on that whole album.

See, it's strange.

Just because it doesn't happen to be my favorite part, and I know a lot of people really didn't like it, you know, and I can dig why. Because it sounds overdone.

It just sounds like it's a mistake to me, and luckily it's cool. I always thought there was a funny side to my music. But see, my sense of humour hadn't really been appreciated at that point in my career I mean, 'Last Trip to Tulsa' Soon Briggs discovered that I needed to drink some beer to do vocals.

I was very unsure of my singing, especially after my experiences in the studio with Greene and Stone producing Buffalo Springfield. Now there is a hit song idea!

David Briggs suggested an Oly—Olympia Beer was my favorite. Once I got loose and in the groove I was fine, although it still sounded like me.

Briggs always said my voice was good. I had met Briggs, and we were planning my first solo record.

They were just songs. There was no big pressure on me at that time to top anything I had already done.

That came later. The sky was the limit. I had no idea what was coming my way. Letter: What was the inspiration for last trip to Tulsa? NY: my mind on weed.