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Swinging and pregnancy

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By Leah McLaren February 13, It was an unusual night—not because of the orgy, but because for the first time she declined to participate.

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Chat about the priory society - sex podcast for swingers

Congratulations on being parents! Ready to recapture your sexy side for some swinging adventures?

We are here to help you navigate that tricky path from your post-pregnancy situation into your sexy swinging future! You can confidently reclaim your sexiness! Having a baby is stressful.

The priory society is a swingers podcast about sex, swinging, wife swaps & more.

It is no simple or easy thing in the best of circumstances. New parents can still enjoy the swinging lifestyle. Obviously, the logistics are a bit more complex for parents who need to organize a babysitter or hand the baby over to the grandparents who may or may not return said baby. The logistics will be an easier aspect Swinging and pregnancy handle.

The bigger challenge for many new parents, especially moms, is the struggle to reinvigorate their sexual confidence. If you are unsure about swinging, remind yourself how incredibly sexy you still are to others. Get ready to be reacquainted with your sexual energy and keep reading. Embrace your postpartum body. You are still a sexy, sexy beast! Treat yourself to a few new lifestyle wardrobe options to better match your new, insanely sensual body. Go swinger shopping or go online and then do a private fashion show at home for your special someone.

Be warned though that your partner Swinging and pregnancy get so aroused that the intimate fashion show turns into a naughty sex act.

The right clothes boost confidence by accentuating our best features and distracting us from areas we think are less than ideal. Sneak in some self-pampering whenever you can. None of us are perfect and we can all use as much help as we can conjure up. The more you take care of yourself, the better you will feel and be able to give back to your family. If you want to be Swinging and pregnancy better partner and parent, try to treat yourself as well as you treat the ones you love.

Get a haircut, have a massage, do whatever you enjoy!

Taking care of yourself is the first step to being able to take care of your family and stave off the craziness of juggling all of your parental duties. Sometimes the smartest thing to do is to do nothing at all. Give yourself permission Swinging and pregnancy take a break. Once you have your sexy wardrobe handled, consider a professional boudoir photo session to capture your amazing body. A professional photographer can take amazing photos to truly showcase your beauty. Pros know how to adjust the lighting, background, and your body position to create a priceless time capsule of the sexiness flowing from your body.

After your boudoir session, have the images turned into a private photo book for your partner — or yourself! A framed boudoir picture is a great ego booster. Returning to the swinging lifestyle after pregnancy can be very intimidating.

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Many new parents are fearful about being judged because we are all our Swinging and pregnancy harshest critics. Sometimes we forget that the lifestyle is actually a very friendly and supportive community. So how to overcome new body fears when you are also stressed out being a new parent? This option enables you to ease in with a low stress, fun event before going full speed at a swinger club or house party filled with naked people having a sexy time.

You can make a connection with a new couple and let your comfort level grow till you feel ready to share your sexy self with others. When you are in a relationship, complimenting each other can frankly be a bit blah unless you actually mean it. How do you communicate with each other that you are sincere? Do it differently each time and be specific. We are all our own harshest critics but we also have the power to become our own best advocate. Believe the compliments that come your way. Grab your inner megaphone and start building up your confidence!

Swingers are strongly attracted to confidence so make yourself feel better and attract more sexy swingers by being the best Swinging and pregnancy for yourself! There is enough negativity in the vanilla world, so swingers enjoy focusing on the brighter side of life.

Be generous and vocalize your compliments in public.

Pamper yourself

You are already thinking about Swinging and pregnancy these good thoughts about your partner, so share them aloud. Not sure what to compliment? Whatever you appreciate about your special someone, share it. Vocalize those good thoughts! These are just a few suggestions to think about. You are not alone nor are you the first person to reclaim their sexual confidence after being pregnant. Life is not easy but it can be easier if you are a good advocate for yourself and your partner.

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You are sexy and amazing people so make sure you take pride in yourself! Here are a few ways to help boost your sexual confidence!

Retail Therapy Embrace your postpartum body. Arrange a Boudoir Photo Session Once you have your sexy wardrobe handled, consider a professional boudoir photo session to capture your amazing body. Sincerely Compliment Each Other When you are in a relationship, complimenting each other can frankly be a bit blah unless you actually mean it.